Who is Kentucky Council of Churches and What Do They Affirm?

Who We Are

Witnessing to Christian unity through relationships and actions,

We are drawn to…

  • be a Christian community of hospitality to all,
  • developing and supporting deep relationships,
  • hold each other accountable to the ongoing mission of unity,
  • continuing our faith journeys together,
  • express a Christian voice of conscience,
  • providing a voice for the voiceless, and,
  • increase the visibility of this mission and ministry,
  • partnering throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

The preamble to our constitution states our reason for being in biblical terms that inspire us deeply and that extends a meaningful invitation to all churches in Kentucky that profess Jesus as the Christ:

“In the providence of God, communions and congregations in the Commonwealth of Kentucky that profess Jesus as the Christ, covenant together to manifest more fully the unity of the Church.   As communions and congregations, we profess that the ecumenical calling to Christian unity is essential to our own identities, and we therefore commit ourselves to shared life and ministry together in the Kentucky Council of Churches, a conciliar structure that shall serve as a community of communions for us.  Our unity is both a gift and a challenge, calling us to interdependence as intimate as the members of a single body (I Corinthians 12), the branches of a single vine (John 15), the stones of a single house (I Peter 2)—a unity that preserves the dignity of our diversity and which gives us a common ministry for justice, peace, and the integrity of creation under the leading of the Holy Spirit.  We welcome others to join our household of faith to share in our common life.”