40 Days of Prayer -- A Resource for Creation Care

In a collaboration with a Tennessee organization, the Council is re-distributing prayers for creation care. These prayers are meant to be used between Epiphany and Ash Wednesday. This is a time also -- Kentucky's legislative season -- when deepened public commitment to caring for God's creation can help the faith community move public officials toward improved policies and practices for creation care. 

The first week of prayers is posted here.
The second week of prayers is posted here
The third week of prayers is posted here.
The fourth week of prayers is posted here.
The fifth week of prayers is posted here.
The last prayers are posted here. Thank you for participating!

Each of the compendiums of prayers is introduced with these words: 

The Care for Creation unit of the Kentucky Council of Churches has received permission from the Lindquist Environmental Appalachian Fellowship (www.tnleaf.org) to offer 40 days of prayers that LEAF collected in Tennessee. LEAF is “a Christian fellowship of Tennesseans whose faith leads them to take action for Tennessee’s environment.” We are inspired by the diversity represented by the prayers’ authors and by the commonality we share with Tennesseans concerning mountains, streams and mining. The prayers are not, of course, a substitute for the unanimous voice of the Council expressed in our policy statement “Caring For God’s Earth” available at /council-statements/view-policy-statements/

LEAF posted one prayer daily starting on December 2, 2011. We are re-posting them once a week, for a period that overlaps with much of Kentucky’s legislative season when our elected officials will consider a number of care for creation matters. The prayers sometimes refer to Tennessee or to specific days of the liturgical year, so when we pray we can make the adaptations we need to make. May God use this sharing of prayers to deepen our faith and our commitment to care for God’s creation!