March On Frankfort emphasized voting rights

Churches of Kentucky participated in the historic March on Frankfort in 1964 and again for the 50th anniversary this year. A short video explaining the history and significance of both marches is HERE.

The issue highlighted in 2014 was the need for Kentucky to begin automatic restoration of voting rights to ex-felons who have completed their sentences. We are one of the last remaining states to do this. Our current practice undermines the work of the churches in helping people embrace new lives in community.

2014 March on FrankfortOut in the crowd of thousands, you were represented by fellow church leaders who carried the KCC banner. You can see the blue and white ship emblem in the photo, near the right hand margin.

On the podium, you were represented as the Council of Churches by the Rev. Ken Golphin who chairs the Council's Justice Commission. And executive director Marian Taylor offered the event's closing benediction.Benediction led by Dr. Taylor