Council's voice on recent public issues

The voice of the Council is exercised through email alerts to subscribers, presentations at events, news media interviews and other means. You may receive the legislative alerts by signing up at

In addition, we sometimes write to public officials to state our view on a specific matter before them. Between late 2012 and mid-2013 there have been occasions for writing -- or at times "signing on to" -- such letters. 

We wrote Governor Beshear to ask that he refrain from signing any death warrants. This is because the Council opposes the use of the death penalty. This letter can be read at this link.

Kentucky's Medicaid commissioner received a KCC letter urging that the Commonwealth claim the federal funds set aside for us to use in expanding eligibility for Medicaid to include persons earning up to 138% of the federal poverty level. This letter can be read at this link

Concerned about policies that needlessly force persons in need into waiting periods for health insurance coverage we signed on with colleague organizations to a letter to Governor Beshear asking for an end to those waiting periods. This letter can be read at this link.

In line with a large number of faith leaders addressing gun violence in other states, Kentucky faith leaders including the KCC wrote a letter calling for common sense safeguards that would reduce gun violence. This letter appears at this link.

In the case of another specific health policy issue we also let our view be known in the linked sign-on letter that we support continued government funding for subsidies to relatives who take in a child when the child's parents cannot care for him or her. This is called "kinship care" and it costs less and is often more effective than removing a child from relatives.

Please contact the Council if you have questions. Your participation in advocating for improved priorities for life in Kentucky is most welcome.