What is the vision for Kentucky Council of Churches?


KCC Welcomes New Executive Director The Rev. Dr. Donald Gillett, II

The Reverend Kent Gilbert, President of the Executive Board of the Kentucky Council of Churches and Lead Pastor, Union Church of Berea, announces the selection of the Reverend Doctor Donald K. Gillette, II as the Executive Director of the Council.

In accepting the call to serve as Executive Director of the Council, Dr. Gillette noted:

“I have enormous respect for the work of the Kentucky Council of Churches and am honored to have been selected as its Executive Director. I believe in the collective wisdom and faith power of God's church to bring about meaningful and sustainable change for the least of these and look forward to our ministry together."

The Reverend Dr. Gillett holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics from Jarvis Christian College in Hawkins, TX; a Master of Divinity from McCormick Theological Seminary, Chicago, IL; a Master of Business Degree from Indiana Wesleyan University, Marion, IN and an earned Doctorate of Ministry Degree from Lexington Theological Seminary, Lexington, KY.

He also currently serves as the chair of the UMCS Board and co-chair of B.U.I.L.D. an organization dedicated to building a speaking for and with those underserved and underrepresented in the community. He is the Vice-President/President Elect for the National Convocation Board of Directors for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

The Reverend Dr. Gillett has four children, Jeremy, Liyah, Tasia, and Donald, III (Trey) and one grandchild Jayda. He is married to Dr. Charisse L. Gillett, President of the Lexington Theological Seminary.