Article from the Louisville Courier-Journal, Monday, June 19th, 2017




When newly planted trees and shrubs began popping up at St. Margaret Mary Catholic parish last year, they easily could have been mistaken for a simple beautification effort.

But the landscaping actually was part of a research project that the parish’s school is participating in to help the planet.

The pollution-reduction project is an example of how faith communities are finding ways to be kinder and gentler to the environment, including being sensitive to climate change.

Whether it’s installing solar panels at their churches, taking part in an Earth Day walk or eschewing disposable dining ware, many religious people — from Catholics to Presbyterians to Buddhists — are getting involved.

“From our point of view as a faith community, we certainly see that care for the Earth is important equally to care for human beings — that there’s an integral ecology,” said the Rev. Bill Hammer, pastor of St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church.

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A message from Creation Care Team:

Brothers and sisters of the Kentucky Council of Churches--  As we together work on all aspects of the manifestation of God's will for the Kingdom, let us never forget or ignore the health and wholeness of the planet Earth that we call home.  In every action, may we be mindful of its wider effects beyond the short-term, being careful to use renewable resources whenever possible, and to provide opportunities for our members for recycling.   When we advocate at the legislature for clean air and clean water,  this will serve to strengthen our position-- if we do what we ask to be done. Thank you.