Christian Unity is not a tangerine, but...

My life changes a bit as the legislative season in Frankfort approaches. Winter is when face to face conversations in Frankfort happen with greater frequency and urgency. Coming up soon -- two meetings with legislators to explain why so many churches want them to reduce the interest rates payday lending can charge in Kentucky.

As part of the Good Giving campaign going on right now, I thought you might like to donate the cost of one or two such trips to Frankfort. I've calculated it as $75 per visit, for gas and for my time. 

Or maybe you'd like to help us have an intern this year -- $3,000 in donations. Last year our intern helped us approach campus ministries. 

Or perhaps donate a scholarship of $180 for someone to attend next year's assembly on religious diversity and interfaith relations.

It's hard to segment the work of Christian Unity like a tangerine, and put a price tag on each piece! But I wanted to illustrate just a few of the ways each and every donation helps. Just click here!

Thank you for your generosity. Last week we already passed the level of giving of 2013 -- so please help us go even further!