Curriculum available now!

In offices nestling against a ravine near Newburg Road in Louisville, one finds the Passionist Earth and Spirit Center. Last year, Council representatives were there to participate in a conversation about how to make a Catholic curriculum about simplicity more inter-denominational.

The result, "Lent 4.5 Christian Simplicity: Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus", is ready for you to peruse and perhaps to purchase. It has six easy to use components.

The premise of this curriculum is that it will serve as "a program of conversion which educates Christian communities on issues of sustainability and social justice from a faith perspective, inspiring them to take practical steps in caring for God's creation by using only their fair share of Earth's resources." The "4.5" in the title refers to the acreage that would support each person's lifestyle if resources were distributed equally -- in contrast to the 22.3 acres on average it takes to support each American's lifestyle.

All you need to know can be found at this web site:

The Council's 2006 policy guiding our Care for Creation group says "We call upon member churches and other faith groups, at every level of their organizations, to enable and to encourage their constituents to engage in serious and sustainable study, reflection and appropriate action based upon the theological issues relating to our human responsibility for the earth as stewards of God's creation." [See Advocacy – Council Statements tab on this site]

May you flourish in simplicity during the Lenten season and beyond!