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Ministry to Young Adults in Church and on Campus

This program provides modules to help young adults discover and strengthen their gifts for ministry. Through Bible Studies, reflections, resources and activities young adults are empowered to address critical issues. 

The modules raise up the ecumenical nature of the living out of God’s mission for the world. They are designed for the long-term benefit of each participant.

Focus of the Modules

Each module will offer sessions, lasting about two hours. They will include exercises in listening, Bible study, relationship-building and the crafting of spiritual and theological living. Every module will begin and end in prayer, encouraging a practice of a cycle of prayer and study. The suggested size for each group is between 6 to 8 people. 

The basic resources for the modules will be readings and online resources

Each session will include, as well, opportunities to engage in mission and service. Study will never be seen separately from active and engaged ministry. 

There are ten modules to choose from. They can be taken in order or at will.

Modules are invitations to enter upon a pilgrimage to renew the true vocation of the church. 

This vision harbors a commitment to unity and a drive to heal our world rent asunder by conflict, injustice and suffering.  The pain of our world requires an answer from us. Our faith in Christ opens us to a vocation that affirms our solidarity with those who experience conflict, injustice and suffering. The mission of the Christian leads us to experience the problems of our world and share our gifts for ministry and service. 

The modules will teach us the biblical depth of these convictions and lead us to an ecumenical cycle of prayer and mission. We will study biblical wisdom that will guide us in our efforts to heal and reconcile. 

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Advocate for Persons with Disabilities

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Endow Life with Meaning & Purpose

Empowered by Prayer, United by Love


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Receive the Power of the Holy Spirit

Other Resources on a Variety of Topics


Responding to Racism: A Youth Study: By Jennifer Harvey for The Thoughtful Christian

One session during which youth identify the role that race plays in their own lives and the difference between prejudice and racism. They then consider anti-racist responses. Downloadable, $7.

Facebook Pages for Campus Ministries in Kentucky

Compiled by Paul Matheny

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Murray State University
(United Campus Ministries)

Transylvania University
(Office of Campus and Community Engagement)

Union College
(Spiritual Life Team)

University of Kentucky
(Baptist Campus Ministry)

University of Kentucky
(Campus Outreach Lexington)

University of Kentucky
(Fellowship of Catholic University Students)

KCC would like to thank the Rev. Drs. Paul Matheny and Mary Nebelsick for their work in creating this curriculum.