Last week I was on vacation, spending a wonderful week with family in San Antonio. We celebrated my husband’s 60th birthday and the adoption of our first grandchild. As we celebrated, the rest of the country cried. Returning to Louisville, my attention is now on the urgent matters that are before us as a nation and the Church.

I have no statement to make on the killings of two black men and five police officers. Like many of you, I offer prayers and ponder the inadequacy of my response. If you want statements, below are links to ones I found on the websites of some of our denominations. 

I am more interested in actions, however trivial or inadequate they may be.  Pope Francis once said, “Prayer that doesn’t lead to concrete action toward our brothers [and sisters] is a fruitless and incomplete prayer. … Prayer and action must always be profoundly united.” (

I am still discerning what my action will be, and I do not dare to suggest what others should do. However, if we (Christians and KCC) do nothing, we may as well close our doors now. We must act, and I pray that we will act in unity – a united voice for justice, peace, reconciliation, and love.

First, there must be justice, for without it there can be no reconciliation and peace. Justice must be tempered with love if we are to rise above the vitriol of what we have been experiencing. Can KCC find a way to lead our state through a process of justice and healing that will make a significant difference in our world?

This is a call to action. I call upon every church that is a part of KCC (over eleven hundred strong) to discern what God would have you do to work for justice and begin the process of reconciliation and healing. Who are the neighbors to whom you need to go and offer the hand of fellowship? With whom do you need to stand, and stand up for? Where do you need to seek forgiveness and offer forgiveness?

Yes, let’s continue to pray – without ceasing; let’s make statements that decry injustice and violence and call for peace. And let’s DO SOMETHING for Christ’s sake and for the sake of our communities, country and world. 

Peace,  Peggy Hinds