ORANGE WALK On December 12

Guest Blog & Invitation from Kathy Wolfson, Moms Demand Action
December 14, 2015 will mark the third anniversary of the Sandy Hook tragedy, a day that left our country horrified and heartbroken. It is also a day that shocked so many of us into action, and resulted in the founding of Moms Demand Action. Over the past three years, we have honored the victims and survivors of gun violence every day by taking action—calling Congress, lobbying at statehouses, demanding gun sense policies in American businesses, and bringing more and more supporters into our movement. We’ve made great progress in the past three years, yet we know all too well that we have much farther to go. This year, we will commemorate the third anniversary of the Sandy Hook tragedy and honor all victims and survivors of gun violence by hosting “Orange Walks.” Together, we acknowledge that one of the best way we can honor the victims and survivors of gun violence is to keep moving forward, keep making progress, being visible, and never giving up. At the conclusion of our Orange Walks, we will ask all of our supporters to take one important, immediate action: to urge President Obama to take executive actions to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people.

WHAT IS AN ORANGE WALK? Orange is fast becoming a symbol of the gun violence prevention movement. It represents the value of human life and our shared commitment to do everything we can to reduce gun violence in our country. The “Wear Orange” campaign ( was inspired by a group of Chicago teens after their friend Hadiya Pendleton was shot and killed just one week after marching in President Obama’s second inaugural parade. The students asked their friends to wear orange—the color hunters wear in the woods to protect themselves and others—to help honor Hadiya’s life and all those stolen by gun violence each year.Orange Walks are events at which we: the moms, dads, brother, sisters, survivors, mayor s,, and faith leaders of America, gather together to show our shared commitment to ending gun violence. The walks represent the significant strides that our movement has achieved and also show our recognition that we have much further to go. As we walk together, we prove to the gun lobby, to elected officials, and to the voices of extremism, that we will be loud, we will be visible, and we will never stop fighting to keep our families, our communities, and our country safe.

Join us for an Orange Walk in Louisville on December 12 at 10 am to honor the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, and all victims of gun violence. Be sure to wear orange - the color of gun violence prevention and awareness!
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