Commission & Committee descriptions


Assemblies Planning

Assemblies Planning is the group that guides the Executive Director in the development of themes, leaders, sites, worship arrangements and other details of the annual assemblies of the Council. It meets about five times a year, as needed. The meetings typically go for two hours and have largely taken place in Lexington. The current chair is the Rev. Amanda Groves of the Christian Church in KY (Disciples of Christ) tradition.

Budget & Finance

This standing committee gives oversight to the processes by which funds are budgeted, spent, invested and audited. This group meets about three times a year, usually in Lexington. The current chair is Rev. Kenneth Golphin of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church tradition.

Development Unit

The Funds development unit of the Kentucky Council of Churches had its first meeting in December of 2009. Since then, the Council has pruned some long-standing practices, and sprouted many new branches of funds development. The committee reviews the donations of our judicatories as well as individual giving. The committee also works on the research and writing of grants and other fundraising options. The current chair is Cynthia Weinmann of the Episcopal Church tradition.

Ecumenical Formation Initiatives

The Ecumenical Formation Initiatives commission is charged with finding where there is energy for Christian unity in Kentucky, and finding ways to partner with those who exhibit that energy. At this time, the group is focusing mainly on campus ministries. This group meets roughly quarterly, usually for two hours and usually in the Louisville area. The current chair is the Rev. Stephanie Moon of the Christian Church in KY (Disciples of Christ) tradition.

Justice and Advocacy

The Justice Commission is charged with developing consensus policy statements for consideration of the Board and the Assembly, for fostering mutual support in the area of justice and advocacy within those consensus policy statements, and for guiding and strengthening the Council’s public role in this area. They benefit from a library of such policy statements developing the past, and from a number of relationships with coalitions who have proven to be good partners with the Council. This group meets roughly quarterly, and usually in Frankfort. The current chair is the Rev. Donna Aros of the United Methodist Church tradition.

Nominations & Personnel

This standing committee combines two roles.

One is to populate the various groups of the Council whose members are recruited in consultation with their denominations (all of the groups listed in this manual except for Care for Creation). In addition, they verify that the chairs chosen by each group are willing to serve again and monitor when terms are ending. The slate is brought to the late August Board meeting so that it can be brought to the fall Assembly, and so summers tend to be busier than other times for this work. The slate to be voted on is for the constitutionally mandated officers and the 15 at-large members of the Board.

The other role is to oversee processes of recruitment, selection and evaluation of staff and interns, and any revisions of employee work descriptions and of the employee policy manual.

This group meets about four times a year, usually by conference call, and is currently chaired by the Rev. Lisa Lewis Balboa of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church tradition.