Members of Imitators of Christ Peer Group are recognized at the 2016 Annual Assembly.

Members of Imitators of Christ Peer Group are recognized at the 2016 Annual Assembly.

The Imitators of Christ is a clergy peer group that has been a part of the Kentucky Council of Churches HHOPE project since its inception in 2011. We started with four members in 2011, added three more in 2012. By 2014 we had twelve members and are currently six members strong.

Imitators of Christ present at the 2016 Annual Assembly were recognized for their commitment to the program and dedication to one another.

In our five year history, we have remained the only original peer group that is still operating under the Kentucky Council of Churches and we give all the glory to God. Although we come from various Christian faith traditions, we remained faithful to our commitment to be Imitators of Christ. We have supported each other through illnesses and pastoral transitions. We have attended graduations and installations, and traveled far and near to be faithful encouragers of each other.

As the time came for us to spread our wings and fly independently of the financial and advisory oversight of the Kentucky Council of Churches, we planned one final retreat before the October gathering at the Annual Assembly of the Kentucky Council of Churches.

THEME: BY FAITH, WE WILL TRANSITION SUCCESSFULLY INTO THE FUTURE (Scripture focus-Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”)

This theme depicts the Imitators of Christ from our inception to the present futuristic phase. As in every organization, there inevitably comes a time of transition. The proverbial saying that Time Brings About a Change, is now a reality for the members of the Imitators of Christ as we strive to fulfill our purpose by utilizing our gifts for the edification of growing the Kingdom of God. Therefore, we graciously embrace our future pathways, knowing spiritually, emotionally, and physically through our scripture theme because we walk by faith and not by sight! We are grateful to KCC and to the Lilly Foundation for these past years, and we look forward to where God is leading us in the future.  --  Rev. Dr. Amariah McIntosh

A Personal Testimony.

I'm so grateful for the opportunity afforded me to bond with my clergy sisters and provide support for one another around a holistic self-care model.

My ministerial calling is centered on Holistic Health and Wellness so this peer group was a good fit for me.  From a spiritual perspective, I've gained a prayer and accountability partner whom I love and respect.  Additionally, she has become a mentor to me in some ways and I am deeply grateful.  We complement each other very well.

The IOC HHope clergy peer group has been such a blessing to me and I am paying it forward. My goal is to educate and inspire others, both clergy and lay people to use health and wellness prevention tools and resources to maintain wholeness.  I am the Director of Holistic Health and Wellness for my church and plan on sharing with our pastor and congregation methods to take better care of ourselves, mind, body, soul and spirit.  

I'm thankful to God and to the Kentucky Council of Churches and Lilly Foundation for allowing me to participate in this amazing program.  Know that the seeds you have sown have produced fruit and the fruit will remain.  --  Rev. Dr. Yvonne McCoy